Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Interface ideas

I like the rb6 mockups, and I much prefer the "play queue" being a
source rather than cluttering the main ui. And maybe it would make sense
to let users create a new window for the play queue by double clicking
on it if they really need to display the play queue and the lib atm.
One last thing I don't like is the "play queue" name, I'm not sure "play
queue" means much to many people, any alternative idea ?


Le samedi 16 avril 2005 à 14:06 +0200, Michi a écrit :
> On 4/16/05, James Livingston <jrl ids org au> wrote:
> > On Thu, 2005-04-14 at 21:22 +0200, Michi wrote:
> > I like what you've done with the album/artist lists; looks good.
> Thx!
> > The information bit looks nice. The various extra sources are something
> > that I think definitely should get added sometime.
> Thx again!
> > Queue-related comments:
> > Originally I though that having the queue show up as another source
> > would be good, but after using for a while I'd have to say that having
> > it show up as a part of the main interface is much better (at least for
> > how I use the queue).
> Having the queue always in the main interface would be better, yes...
> but I don't see a way it yould fit there without cluttering the
> interface.
> > When I use it I normally am adding a few songs, and I'm not sure of the
> > order until the end. So what happens in that I drag the songs into
> > various places in the queue (not just at the end) and re-order the songs
> > as I go. Having the queue just as a source without it being on the
> > "sidebar" would mean I'd have to constantly switch back and forth
> > between the queue and the library/playlist.
> Ok... you're right, I would use the queue differently. I tend to have
> A LOT songs in the play queue, because whenever I use such a
> functionality (currently I still use xmms's playlist for this...) I
> DON'T whant to sit at the computer all the time, reoganizing a short
> queue but only have a look from time to time to add some new songs. In
> this case, the small queue in the sidebar is not what I want. Anyway,
> normally a queue isn't about reordering the item, it's FIFO - exactly
> what you want, for example at a party: someone wants to hear a
> particular song. You add it to the queue but he has to wait before the
> other songs have been played because otherwise, you could just play
> from the library.
> Having the queue as a special sidebar item also makes sense because
> this way, it acts similar to a playlist - which is good because it is
> essentially a special kind of playlist, songs that have been played
> will be removed.
> Concerning the interface morphing: yeah, this is generally not very nice but
> a) the space is needed
> b) the interface already morphs the same way for radio and playlists.
> If all the views are designed to match each other this is no big deal
> I think. Doing the "open at mouse-over" thing I said earlier and you
> shouldn't miss much.
> Try running rhythmbox in a resolution below 1024x764. Even at that
> resolution you kan only get about 5 items in the current queue (when
> cover display is enabled) before you need to start scrolling. Don't
> think that this is what people want...
> Having said that, I understand you special use case, just can't think
> this is more common. Perhaps the sidebar-based queue could later be
> re-implemented as a plugin? Other opinions please =)
> -Michi
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