Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Interface ideas


On Sat, 2005-04-16 at 14:17 +0200, Christophe Fergeau wrote:
> I like the rb6 mockups, and I much prefer the "play queue" being a
> source rather than cluttering the main ui. 

I tend to like the way this is solved in the some arch-branches where
development is taken place (I use
olemke core-dump info--2005/rhythmbox--playground--0.9).  Queue is here
a special source-item in the sources list, but in the view-menu you can
toggle that the queue is also visible as part of the main interface
(bottom left). This way everybody is happy, at the cost of having an
extra item in the "view-menu" (I don't consider this cluttering).

My browsing habbits tend to be that I am in the mood for a certain genre
or artist which I select. Listening I tend to remember nice songs, which
I drag to the queue. I like being able to see what I've dragged there,
so I can delete items for the queue if I changed my mind. Since I
dragged the songs to the queue myself, I don't need much information
about the queue to remember which song it is, so I don't care if it
takes little space. Normally I even have the "sources list" toggled as
invisible, I hardly ever use it.


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