Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Suggestions for Rhythmbox

> As I said - column sorting makes sense for library, as it only changes
> presentation of search result. Manually arranging is not appropriate,
> since library presents only automatically generated data - manual
> arrangement simply doesn't belong there. If you want particular ordering
> not stemming from tracks properties, such as name, it's time to create
> playlist

Agree completely.

On the notification area issue, I think the application should behave like Gaim.
This is the kind of application that you
1. could keep running all day.
2. don't want to have visible when your not actively using it.
3. when you are finished using it (make playlist, switch song), you
still want it to be running, but you want to close it's window.

So, don't quit on close and Quit on icon context menu is my proposal!


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