Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Feature-Request: Advanced Filters, Playlist,Advanced Id3 Ver.2 Support

On Fri, 2004-01-16 at 17:53, David Mansfield wrote:

> I wouldn't change this.  If you double click a song, it would be added to 
> 'now playing'.  If 'now playing' is empty, play mode would be started, and 
> the icon would appear etc.  But if there is already a song playing it 
> would be queued.  


> > With "Now Playing", things get more complicated.  
> > The library becomes more like a music browser.  Should the library even
> > have a stop button?  Forward/back?  How does the user know that songs
> > appear in "Now Playing" when he double clicks on them?
> I would thing that 'now playing' is really just the extension of the 
> library.  It is the way the library plays music.  

Yeah, that's what I'm thinking now too.

> I don't know how radio works at all.  I don't use it ;-)

It's becoming more and more clear to me that different people use (and
would like to use) Rhythmbox in quite different ways.  Personally, I
just use Rhythmbox as basically a fast CD changer.  I select an artist
and album, and hit Play.  Then I go work on something.  When that album
is done, I switch back to Rhythmbox, select another, then go back to
working.  Rinse, repeat.

But I can totally see how other people would want to queue up a bunch of
songs, perhaps several albums, or a mix and match of songs, and then go
work on something.  That's where you really do need something like "Now

I hope you can see that for people like me (which I assume there must be
more of), "Now Playing" is basically just extra complexity for little
gain.  I might use it if it existed, but certainly I find the current
Rhythmbox UI works really well for me.

But again, I do want to try to support something like this.  We just
have to make sure we do it *right*.

> Using the 'play now' feature, which would have to be shoe-horned 
> somewhere.  My suggestion: the context-menu for the song/album.

Personally, I wouldn't expect the innocuously-named "Play now" to blow
away my "Now Playing" list.  I'd rather just have the user explicitly
remove items from their "Now Playing".

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