[Rhythmbox-devel] Feature-Request: Advanced Filters, Playlist, Advanced Id3 Ver.2 Support

Rhythmbox is a very nice and cool mp3-player and i think this could be a
"killer-app" for linux/gnome.

What about implementing following Features:

- Advanced Filters: Filterformular with advanced Options like "Play all
songs except: Genre="Anygenre", Artist="Anyartist"". This would help to create
powerfull playlists for everyday-usage with large archives, I could create some
Screenshots to show what i mean.

- Playlist: One of the Features i liked with yammi (yammi.sourceforge.net)
was the option to put selected songs to a the current Playlist (play as next,
play as next randomly, play now,...). This is a very useful feature if you
want to have a very dynamic playlist without loosing the possibility to add new
songs to a current playlist. Yammi solved a never-ending playlist with
"autoplay-folders", you could select a artist, genre or album as "autoplay-folder"
and after the playlist has been played, the rhythmbox starts playing this

- Advanced Id3 Ver.2 Support: Id3 Version to makes it possible to assign
more than one genre to a song, it would be great to see this implemeted to
rhythmbox as first application at all. Version 2 makes it even possible to save
ratings to a song, so we could use the same ratings on all computers.

After finishing my Examen i will help you folks to develop this great tool,
if you need some help...

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