Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Feature-Request: Advanced Filters, Playlist,Advanced Id3 Ver.2 Support

> - Playlist: One of the Features i liked with yammi (
> was the option to put selected songs to a the current Playlist (play as next,
> play as next randomly, play now,...). This is a very useful feature if you
> want to have a very dynamic playlist without loosing the possibility to add new
> songs to a current playlist. Yammi solved a never-ending playlist with
> "autoplay-folders", you could select a artist, genre or album as "autoplay-folder"
> and after the playlist has been played, the rhythmbox starts playing this
> "autoplay-folder".

I will second this (not necessarily the autoplay, although that sounds
pretty cool, too).  I don't really like the way the 'play from library'
(normal play mode when not playing from a play list) works at all.  If I
wanted to play an album, and I found it in the library and started playing
it, then browse somewhere else, it will stop playing the album, and start
playing somewhere else.

I end up having to create a named playlist to simulate this.  This works 
perfectly of course, but is rather unintuitive, and leaves remnants (old 
named playlist).

Specific Recommendation:  

A permanent special playlist called 'now playing' where each song is
deleted after being played.  Always play from the top of 'now playing'
list instead of directly from the library (no change to play from regular
playlist logic).  When user double clicks in library, song/album is
appended to 'now playing'.  When user drag-n-drop to 'now playing', handle
like regular play list.  A right click or other UI action is added in
library for 'play now' which inserts song/album at top of 'now playing'
list.  If any entries are inserted above currently playing song in 'now
playing', play immediately switches to top song in 'now playing', without 
removing currently playing song from queue (it will play from beginning 
again later).

Just my 2cents.


| David Mansfield              |
|             |

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