Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Feature-Request: Advanced Filters, Playlist,Advanced Id3 Ver.2 Support

On Fri, 2004-01-16 at 11:45, David Mansfield wrote:

> I will second this (not necessarily the autoplay, although that sounds
> pretty cool, too).  I don't really like the way the 'play from library'
> (normal play mode when not playing from a play list) works at all.  If I
> wanted to play an album, and I found it in the library and started playing
> it, then browse somewhere else, it will stop playing the album, and start
> playing somewhere else.

Yeah.  It's definitely the largest flaw in the Rhythmbox UI, but it's
one that's been discussed a lot in the past, with no real resolution.
This has actually sparked at least one other music player I know of:

That said, my biggest concern with this is that I agree it's a problem,
but I'm worried that some solutions will end up creating different

> Specific Recommendation:  
> A permanent special playlist called 'now playing' where each song is
> deleted after being played. 

I like the name.

>  Always play from the top of 'now playing'
> list instead of directly from the library (no change to play from regular
> playlist logic).  When user double clicks in library, song/album is
> appended to 'now playing'. 

Ok.  My biggest problem with this is discoverability - how should a new
Rhythmbox user know that this is what's going to happen?  If one has no
experience with music players at all, I think the current UI is actually
fairly intuitive - you double-click on a song, a little play icon
appears, and the music starts playing.  That's it.

With "Now Playing", things get more complicated.  
The library becomes more like a music browser.  Should the library even
have a stop button?  Forward/back?  How does the user know that songs
appear in "Now Playing" when he double clicks on them?

Also, should "Now Playing" be used for Radio?  And what about regular

>  When user drag-n-drop to 'now playing', handle
> like regular play list.  


> A right click or other UI action is added in
> library for 'play now' which inserts song/album at top of 'now playing'
> list.  If any entries are inserted above currently playing song in 'now
> playing', play immediately switches to top song in 'now playing', without 
> removing currently playing song from queue (it will play from beginning 
> again later).

How would you insert something above the current playing song?

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