Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Feature-Request: Advanced Filters, Playlist,Advanced Id3 Ver.2 Support

On Fri, 2004-01-16 at 15:17, Lee Willis wrote:

> This is how Media Player 9 works under M$ and seems to work quite well
> [And it's called "Now playing"]. When browsing the library and you find
> something you want to listen to you can either:
> (a) Play it
> (b) Queue it up

What's the UI for this?

> Playing it replaces whatever is in the "Now playing" playlist with your
> selection/album/etc

Hmm.  That seems kind of confusing to me.  I'd rather simply have a
preference for whether or not there is a play queue at all.  If you
choose not to have one, it works exactly like rb does now.  Otherwise,
double-clicking on a song just queues it in now playing.  

If you want to get the behavior of (a), you could just go over to "Now
Playing", Edit->Select All, Edit->Delete.  Then double-click.

> Queueing it up adds it to the end of the playlist. It doesn't however
> delete items from the list when they're played (That would break
> "Repeat")


> I think "Now playing" makes things fairly obvious, as long as it is
> specially identifiable in the list of playlists, and maybe if it gets
> jumped to when you "Play" 

Hmm.  Not sure I like the jumping.  Maybe have a music note next to it
when it's playing.

> > Also, should "Now Playing" be used for Radio?  And what about regular
> > playlists?
> Yes - if you do this then, at least for regular playlists, it means you
> can play a particular playlist, but with a few changes, by adding/
> removing songs from the "Now Playing" playlist without affecting the
> original.

This seems like it'd be fairly confusing...but I could be convinced it's
a good idea.  At least at first I think we should make "Now Playing" an
obvious subcomponent of the library.

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