Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] rhythmbox and utf8 id3 tags

> How to properly set UTF8 ID3 tags so that they work with Rhythmbox seems
> to be a FAQ both on this list and on IRC, so I thought I'd post a link
> to this blog:

This is a poor solution.  All you have to do to make the tags readable
is set up a v2.4 tag with the proper encoding string (which I've done in
perl with a modified version of MP3::Tag).  Once you've done this, any
id3lib-based program should still be able to read the tags properly
(although it will write tags back as v2.3).

Judging from the description of what's going on, this script just sets
the encoding flag but doesn't update the version, thus breaking the
tag.  All he'd have to do to make it compatible is change the version
string in the file to 2.4.  The pyid3v2 script he links to does seem to
write v2.4 tags, and is probably a much better solution.

(PS. Christophe - sorry for the blank message - accidentally held down
control while trying to add some newlines)

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