Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Re; Ratings feedback

On Tue, 2004-02-17 at 07:18, Nick wrote:
> I suggest ensuring that there are plenty of options in some sort of 
> dialog box that allow the user to choose what RB does in response to 
> certain actions.


> Everyone's going to have a different opinion on how they want their 
> ratings treated, let's give them the ability to do it how they want.

Sorry, I wouldn't normally jump in on this issue, but most of the
preferences you've proposed are needless.  RB should just work.  The
only ratings pref I can think of that plausibly deserves to be in the
prefs dialog is this:

 [checkbox] 'automatically set ratings'

(I agree that user-set ratings should always be immutable BTW.)  

If people are unhappy with the default RB adaptive ratings behaviour
then they can simply turn it off.  I think this makes more sense than
lots of confusing adaptive ratings prefs.

Being able to create playlist filters using ratings should take care of
lots of related issues.  For example, if someone wants a shuffle with
mostly good songs in it, they can make a playlist of highly rated
tracks.  IIRC, iTunes doesn't even have adaptive ratings, just 'my
rating'.  But iTunes does have very powerful 'smart playlists'.  IMHO
this is worth imitating.

To sum up, I think RB 0.7 is very nice, and adaptive ratings are as
'done' as necessary.  The playlist filters need attention now.

What's red and eats rocks?

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