Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] ipod integration first impressions

> - the ipod source appears to be there all the time, irrespective of
> whether or not /mnt/ipod is mounted or indeed even present. Is there a
> way to make it appear when /mnt/ipod is mounted?
> I know that DBUS and HAL are ideas
> for auto-detecting hardware events and things, but maybe in the
> meantime, a configurable mount point at which to look for the ipod
> mounting might be useful.    

You didn't read README.iPod, did you ?

> - there is a new ipod tab in the main preferences dialog.  I'm not sure
> if this is just a placeholder for more to come or not, but the browser
> view seemed like an odd choice for that.  I would think that the global
> browser view would be sufficient.  

This tab should be removed, Rhythmbox seems to create the tabs in the
preferences dialog using the various available library views (in this
case the main one, and the iPod one), and I hadn't noticed it was doing
that before your mail ;)

Thanks for testing this stuff,


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