Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Re; Ratings feedback

I guess there's some required reading for you:
- paragraph "The Question of Preferences" in
- - pick a Gnome topic of your choice, read why KDE is 
(not) better

And for this specific case:
- Do you have an idea what configuration I would have to use to get my desired 
results described in my last mail?
- Do you think someone else who has never anlyzed his listening habits would 
be able to tune this correctly - or even understand the effects of moving such 
a slider?
- Do you really think people have that much different ideas about how their 
adaptive rating should work? From my reading of this list it sounded a lot 
like all the ideas were pretty similar. Or is it just that we don't know how 
to do it right yet?


PS: On second reading, this mail sounds a bit harsh. It isn't meant that way.

Quoting Nick <>:

> I suggest ensuring that there are plenty of options in some sort of 
> dialog box that allow the user to choose what RB does in response to 
> certain actions.
> Examples (probably would need to come in a more intuitive format, but 
> here's some ideas):
> Lower a song's rating when skipped within this timeframe: [5 seconds/10 
> seconds/30 seconds/60 seconds/Never (blanks out the following option)]
> Decrease a song's rating by this much when skipped: [2 stars/1 star/1 
> star if skipped twice/No change]
> Random play:
> Play 5-star songs [100%/80%/60%/40%/20%/0%] of the time.
> (and so on for each star rating)
> And so on, for everything useful that we can think of.
> Everyone's going to have a different opinion on how they want their 
> ratings treated, let's give them the ability to do it how they want.

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