Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] yet another new mockup (meta)

On Tue, 2003-05-13 at 00:27, Jorn Baayen wrote:
> > To tell the truth, I don't even own a CD burner. So I couldn't care less
> > about the burn to CD functionality. :) I just thought it would be cool
> > to have it there and it could be especially neat for ripping CD's. Throw
> > a CD in, hit the button, click, wait, done. :) 
> Yes, but maybe you burn a CD once a month. I think clicking a menu->Burn
> CD is still easy enough, of course it's one click more but hey.. :)
> I really don't think we should have something really uncommon like this
> in the main ui.
> > If this is actually supposed to be one of the purposes of Rhythmbox,
> > then I strongly suggest to make it visible from the main UI, otherwise
> > it's just too difficult IMO to be even aware of this functionality. 
> I see rb as a music player and burning cds as a bonus..

Ok, fine. How about ripping though? This seems to be even more important
to me. For one thing because it applies to basically everyone (who has a
CDROM) and because I think it's pretty important that you can rip a CD
and have the results immediately in your music library (of course the
latter also applies to audio CD burning, just the other way around).

> > We could also blend in this button at the place where the "Show Browser"
> > expander is now (considering that we never need to show both at the same
> > time). The advantage of this would be, that there is plenty of space and
> > it wouldn't even hurt to use different button sizes (because it wouldn't
> > move other elements around). It could also be used for some other tricks
> > like "Playlist from Results" after a search was executed. Just some
> > ideas...
> Hmm.. I think that would be pretty confusing..

How about a compromise and just doing this for CD view. In other words,
when you are "viewing" a CD, then you get something like a "Copy Tracks
to Library" (rip) button instead of the whole browser and expander
Then you could have the browser everywhere else (in virtual playlists
for example). Burning a CD could then be placed in a menu and grayed out
when it doesn't make sense (like when viewing a CD).

> > As for placing the volume button to the top right, I really like that
> > but there is still the issue that the slider could be mistaken for a
> > volume slider. Isn't it a bit weird to have a slider without icon
> > besides an icon without a slider which do completely different things
> > and are both sliders in fact? ;)
> Maybe. Although I think it's fine now.. like.. the volume slider will
> clearly pop down out of the volume button, vertically, making its
> relation instantly clear imho. And the time slider has a time label
> under it so.. well.. I dunno, I'm biased ofcourse ;)

I guess you are right... It just irks me because it's an imperfection
inside of this piece of art. ;) I guess I'm not really a fan of this
volume button (from a visual POV), but I have no better idea either.


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