Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] new mockup

> Search should be in the source area I think, it's a source specific
> action. Even if it applies to all sources, it still has effect on the
> sourec only, and thus should be in that area.
For the sake of argument, the play back and forward buttons are also
source specific. Personally I don't think that having the search on
the toolbar will cause confusion, and it is used in almost all sources.

> The thing there is not status, it's rather information about the
> currently shown contents. Just like in evolution.. so I don't think its
> position matters all that much. It might even be better this way,
> clearly integrated into the source area - rather than the global area at
> the bottom.

Well I might argue that having it near the browser instead of the song
list will confuse people. I think that it's position in my one
makes it far more obvious what it is in relation to. Also it's something
that will be used in all sources.

> About the format of that thing, I think the number of songs and total
> playing time in details is not at all important. Rather, if I see a
> playlist or album I want to know how long it takes.. and how long the
> current playlist will keep playing (will I need to append another album
> to this playlist or will I be asleep already when it ends)

Yeah, I'll leave that to you/everyone else - it's not really vitally
important at this stage..

> About loading feedback.. a busy cursor is very clear already imho.. and
> I think it's a Good Thing to follow the HIG there.. + it saves clutter,
> yet another widget we don't need.

Ok cool

I still kinda prefer my one and am gonna work on it a little bit more.

What do you think of the checkboxes idea for shuffle and repeat?

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