Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] yet another new mockup (meta)

On Mon, 2003-05-12 at 23:23, Jorn Baayen wrote:
> I dont think a CD burning button is that important to have in the main
> UI actually. I mean.. heh.. I dont burn CDs continously ;)

Ok, this seems to be the most important point now. :) Should this button
be there or not? I don't think the question is weither we _can_ do it
(we can!) but weither we _want_ to do it. I think this should be cleared
before the "perfect" layout can be created. :D
To tell the truth, I don't even own a CD burner. So I couldn't care less
about the burn to CD functionality. :) I just thought it would be cool
to have it there and it could be especially neat for ripping CD's. Throw
a CD in, hit the button, click, wait, done. :) 
If this is actually supposed to be one of the purposes of Rhythmbox,
then I strongly suggest to make it visible from the main UI, otherwise
it's just too difficult IMO to be even aware of this functionality. 
We could also blend in this button at the place where the "Show Browser"
expander is now (considering that we never need to show both at the same
time). The advantage of this would be, that there is plenty of space and
it wouldn't even hurt to use different button sizes (because it wouldn't
move other elements around). It could also be used for some other tricks
like "Playlist from Results" after a search was executed. Just some
As for placing the volume button to the top right, I really like that
but there is still the issue that the slider could be mistaken for a
volume slider. Isn't it a bit weird to have a slider without icon
besides an icon without a slider which do completely different things
and are both sliders in fact? ;)


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