Fwd: Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] yet another new mockup (meta)

Whoops, forgot to send it to the list as well.

Quoting Jorn Baayen <jorn@nl.linux.org>:
> sön 2003-05-11 klockan 22.53 skrev James Kahn:
> > I think Jorn's have been iteratively the best so far.  If you take the
> > UI at http://people.nl.linux.org/~jorn/d.png:
> > - replace the shuffle button with a square action button (no text, the
> > image would suffice I think).
> Just a CD? hmm.. not clear IMHO..

An image of a CD with fire coming off it, or something like that.  Even my 
mother who's whole experience with computers has been Yahoo! Mail knows what 
burning a CD is.

> > - Remove the show browser check box
> Maybe expander arrow?

I'll see if I can incorporate it.  The thing about this is that it *only* makes 
sense in the library view, not any of the other sources.

> > - Put the toggle buttons "Shuffle" and "Repeat" in the same spot that
> > the show browser check box is, with text, but with smaller images so
> > they fit nicely in that area
> > - Repeat shoudl probably toggle between "Repeat None", "Repeat Track"
> > and "Repeat List".
> Yea, but then we cant use a check or a togglebutton...

Hmm, true.  Is there anything wrong with a button (not togglebutton) that will 
change it's text every time it's clicked?  What it is currently displaying 
would be the "current state".  Other than that I think a togglebutton is the 
way to go, and maybe have a pref that says if repeat means repeat track or 
repeat list?

> > I think that would make a very nice UI indeed.  I could have a go at
> > this if you sent me your glade for that image (Jorn?), but I won't be
> > able to have a go at it until tonight when I get home from work and
> > uni.  It's 9am now, btw.
> I'm attaching it, good luck! :)

Cheers, I'll have a play when I get home.

- James.

James Kahn <james@liet.net>

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James Kahn <james@liet.net>

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