Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] yet another new mockup (meta)

sön 2003-05-11 klockan 22.53 skrev James Kahn:
> On Mon, 2003-05-12 at 07:19, Jorn Baayen wrote:
> > Yet another new mockup:
> > 
> >
> > 
> > New:
> > - no more action button (which even was outside of the source area,
> > which just occured to me was a pretty bad thing - burn to cd - burn what
> > to cd? the currently playing song? (thats what it was next to))
> I think it's important that the UI is consistent.  The action button
> should *always* be there, even if doing that action would be
> ludicrious.  If the user has only 10 songs in their library and wants to
> burn them all to CD, why should you stop them?  The "burn to cd" should
> burn whatever is in the bottom list to CD - and of course, ask the user
> if that's what they want to do first, so they can explore without being
> punished.

I dont think a CD burning button is that important to have in the main
UI actually. I mean.. heh.. I dont burn CDs continously ;)

> > - instead there is a 'show browser' checkbox, purpose immediately clear
> > in the source area (probably useful for playlists too, especially
> > 'vplaylists')
> Is this really necessary?  I thought that would make more sense as a
> menu item.

Maybe, I use it a lot myself though.. the expander arrow is really nice
though IMHO. (someone else's mockup..)

> > - since we might want to be able to burn albums to cd too, a burn to cd
> > button only in playlist sources wouldnt make sense
> It makes sense to me that the action button is in all views.
> > - 'status'bar at the bottom
> > - smaller search entry
> > - shuffle button with label to make it clearer
> IMHO these are nice.
> > - no repeat button (not necessary I think..)
> I was thinking about this - isn't it important that the user knows what
> playing state rhythmbox is in?  They should really be able to glance at
> the UI to know it isn't playing the same song or list over and over.

You're right.

> I really don't like the check boxes.  They look out of place in the UI
> of a music player and really belong in places like preferences dialogs. 
> People are used to real world toggle buttons and action buttons right
> next to each other (think a hi-fi unit), so why would they have trouble
> with those in rb's UI?

No strong opinion here.. some people love em, other hate em, I guess I'm
one of the ones who thinks they look cool..

> I think Jorn's have been iteratively the best so far.  If you take the
> UI at
> - replace the shuffle button with a square action button (no text, the
> image would suffice I think).

Just a CD? hmm.. not clear IMHO..

> - Remove the show browser check box

Maybe expander arrow?

> - Put the toggle buttons "Shuffle" and "Repeat" in the same spot that
> the show browser check box is, with text, but with smaller images so
> they fit nicely in that area
> - Repeat shoudl probably toggle between "Repeat None", "Repeat Track"
> and "Repeat List".

Yea, but then we cant use a check or a togglebutton...

> I think that would make a very nice UI indeed.  I could have a go at
> this if you sent me your glade for that image (Jorn?), but I won't be
> able to have a go at it until tonight when I get home from work and
> uni.  It's 9am now, btw.

I'm attaching it, good luck! :)


> Sorry if I've sounded a bit autocratic - UI is something I'm passionate
> about.
> Cheers,
> James.


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