Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] yet another new mockup (meta)

IMHO this one just rocks.. best I've seen this far..

I think it's pretty much perfect..:)

Just the 'statusbar'-message should be in a different format *runs*



sön 2003-05-11 klockan 12.08 skrev Daniel Borgmann:
> I gave this mockup a name to make this thread a little bit less
> confusing hopefully. ;)
> This is building on my opinions, the new mockup by Jorn and the
> discussion about it, including Mark's new mockup.
> Screenshot here:
> Glade file attached.
> Comments: This one gives a bit of breathing room, for example the song
> information could be moved from the status bar to the search bar again,
> I don't really have an opinion about that.
> I still believe that Repeat and Shuffle work much better in the
> statusbar. After all they act mostly as some kind of status indicator
> (is repeat activated, is shuffle activated?). For the same reason I'm
> against removing the repeat toggle. Maybe it's not used often but it's
> certainly useful to see weither it's activated or not.
> Jorn's mockup had three exactly similar looking buttons placed besides
> each other with absolutely different behaviour (volume opens a slider,
> shuffle is a toggle button and the multi button would execute a function
> which is changing depending on the view). I don't think that's a good
> idea. :)
> I moved the volume button to the left because otherwise the seeker could
> easily be mistaken for a volume slider now and it looks better there
> IMO.
> The search bar could be made toggable via the view menu if someone needs
> more screen estate.
> Opinions?
> Daniel

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