Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] yet another new mockup (meta)

mån 2003-05-12 klockan 05.31 skrev Douglas McMorris:
> > On Sun, 2003-05-11 at 22:11, Jorn Baayen wrote:
> >> > Burn makes no sense in the library source, but does in the playlist
> >> source. I think the idea of a meta-button as I described in
> >> > my writeup is really useful. It's either toggle browser or new smart
> >> playlist in library, burn in playlist, and rip in cd.
> >>
> >> Hrm, I think burn makes sense in the library because, why would
> >> burning a playlist work and not burning an album? To the user they
> >> should be more or less the same thing, a different view of your music
> >> collection. (Especially true with vfolders and such)
> >>
> >> But it doesnt matter to me much whether we have it or not, just..
> >> well.
> >>
> >> Since we cannot use a text label (no space) on the meta button I think
> >> it might get pretty confusing. (Whats this button with its
> >> everchanging icon?). It's even in the player area which makes it extra
> >> confusing.
> >
> > But we can use a text label. We just have to find rather short labels
> > and then make the button as large as the largest of those labels. This
> > is already commonly done in Gtk dialogs to provide more consistent
> > button spacing (see the close confirmation in gedit). If we use somewhat
> > smart short labels and a longer descriptive tooltip AND a descriptive
> > icon, it should work very well. "Burn a CD" (or "Burn to CD), "Rip from
> > CD", "New/Create Playlist" (or "VPlaylist" maybe) and "Show/Hide
> > Browser" would work very well for example. Certainly a _lot_ better than
> > a simple icon and I also like the idea of such a meta button very much.
> > :)
> Heres something i worked out on this:
> Buttons we would need and their char count:
> New Playlist:  12
> Burn to CD:  10
> Rip from CD:  11
> Add Station:  11
> Show Browser: 12
> Hide Browser: 12
> the last two are null and void with your mockup, which i happen to like a
> lot.
> As you can see from my listing, there is only a maximum of a two char
> difference.  if you make the button as big as the largest of those, right
> justify test, and left justify the icon then there would be no
> rearanging/resizing of things and it would look pretty nice IMO.  the only
> problem with this is of course other languages.

Really, this is only the case for English, so we really can't do this. 

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