[Rhythmbox-devel] Newer Mockup

* Douglas and Mark H. were probably right, this one has no buttons at
the bottom.
* Douglas's idea of using the magnifying glass icon seems so obvious
now that he's said it. I've implemented it in this mockup. It saves
screen real estate and is very obvious what it does.
* Added another button, not really very important

Some other comments:

>Yeah.  I think it looks good.  I would be pretty happy with either 
> this or Luca's, although I think I still like Luca's "simple" the 
> best, because it keeps the "From Album By Artist" thing which is a 
> cool rb feature.

I donno. How often do you want to know the artist and album of the 
playing song. IMHO this one is SOOO much cleaner looking that it
is worth sacraficing this info. But then again, that's only my

> I'm not sure that the bevel is such a good idea.  I dont' think  
> I've seen a single gnome app that uses such a thing.

Well it's only my opinion but i REALLY love this bevel. But I also
think it serves a very important usability purpose. It divides up the
toolbar area into three areas making it much easier to get "a feel"
for how rhythmbox works. So yeah, I've left it in in my mockup.

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