Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] New mockup, new thread

> personally i think that this shot:
> is the best one i've seen in all the weeks of discussion(minus the check
> boxes).  move the special button to the furthest right for more empesis
> on its functionality and put a search icon beside the search entry
> widget.  center aligning the song title and artist info above the slider
> would look nice too i think.

My new mockup is a lot like this one with a search icon and the beveled 
player area.

> something I haven't seen any discussion of that i think would look nice
> is having album covers somewhere... not necesarily a useful thing, but
> would look nice. this could be pulled from a website based on artist and
> album info.  if none is found just don't show anything.  (music match
> and winamp have these features as well as itunes 4)

We'll have to look at how iTunes does it.

> Just my thoughts... my vote is for the mockup i meantioned with the
> changes i meantioned... and any others people can think of... i think
> its getting close to time that we decide on something and get the code
> monkeys caffinated and at a keyboard.
Agreed, but I think we need to spend maybe another week getting the UI
really poslished and getting agreement from all parties.

> On another note.  I'm interested in working on rhythmbox as a coder, but
> I dont' have any bonobo or gnome experience.  I finish finals tomorrow
> and after that i plan on checking out the net-rb and monkey-media from
> cvs.  once we agree on a UI i thinks its important to have a merging of
> the two forks (monkey-media and rb/net-rb).   I've hesitated to get
> involved code wise b/c of school, but the biggest reason is the lack of
> certaintity of where the project is headed.  why code for something if
> my code is just gonna be chunked b/c people change their minds a few
> days later.

I may quote you on this. It's one of the biggest reasons I've been
trying so hard to get them unforked. One rb codebase is hard enough
for people to get used to - but no-one is going to bother with two,
and it's not obvious which one will end up being used in the long run.

> Laying out a strick road map and feature set and sticking to it through
> a full development cycle is something that must be done.  there are
> probably more people like me that would be involved, but aren't b/c of
> this.
Agreed - once we get the UI done we need to commit to getting to 1.0
before doing any major ui redesigns ;)

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