Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] New mockup, new thread

On Fri, 2003-05-09 at 21:23, Douglas McMorris wrote:

> I'm not sure that the bevel is such a good idea.  

I would tend to agree, but I don't think it would be horrible if we
ended up using it either.

> As far as buttons on the bottom... again I would say look to other gnome
> apps.  I can't think of any that have a toolbar area and still put
> buttons on the bottom. 


>  The other thing I see is that the special
> functionality button isn't given enough prominance.  In itunes its on
> the top right and has a pretty commanding presence in the interface.

Yeah.   Really we want everything at the top...

> One thing we're not doing that I think we should is use more icons. 
> Icons can save screen real estate if they are simple and acurate
> enough.  IMHO a magifying glass icon would suffice for the search entry
> widget.  And a small volume icon beside the volume slider (like there is
> currently) would be better than nothing.

Yes, I completely agree.

> personally i think that this shot:
> is the best one i've seen in all the weeks of discussion(minus the check
> boxes).  move the special button to the furthest right for more empesis
> on its functionality and put a search icon beside the search entry
> widget.  center aligning the song title and artist info above the slider
> would look nice too i think.

Luca, do you think you can use your glade-fu to make that?  I tried but

It would be useful to have it gladed up so we can tinker with it.  I am
concerned a bit that it might not work out too well in practice, because
the layout is kind of complex.  While it looks nice in the screenshot,
it could break when the user switches to a different theme, because the
buttons might not line up anymore, or the sliders might not line up.

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