[Rhythmbox-devel] New mockup, new thread

Ok, that thread started to get mental so I'm starting a new one.

I'm starting to agree that we need the search on the toolbar,
and it's not too bad having the some buttons underneath the
source browser. I think most programs should follow convention,
but media players get to look cool :)

I've taken Luca's most iTunesy mockup - cus if were gonna be like
them we might as well be really like then and look cool doing it,
and that beveled player area is damn sexy.

Changes I've made are:
* Play button area: Removed volume icon as it added visual noise
and I don't think it's to hard to work out what the volume slider
does. Also changed spacing to bring buttons and volume slider 
closer together. I think it looks nicer now
* Search - just moved the text lable under the box like in iTunes,
made the text bigger, and removed the :
* Added back in the browser because we mostly agree that it needs
to be there by default. Those column titles wouldn't be there in the
real thing though.
* Removed excessive spacing between the toolbar area and the rest of
the window
* Fixed up some general spacing, still not perfect, search is too far
to the right.

I think that this address a lot of issues brought up,
and it offers power and flexability with a pretty clean
fun UI, go Luca!


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