Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] node tree structure

On Sun, 2003-02-16 at 06:16, Colin Walters wrote:
> On Sat, 2003-02-15 at 14:00, Jorn Baayen wrote:
> > So you think that it is bad that the library and iradio have a slighly
> > different structure? ;) Well dude, _of course_ they are different, they
> > are entirely different things! You can't expect one piece of code to
> > insert a song into the library and insert a radio station into the radio
> > station tree. They are different things, so different code, that is not
> > called code duplication ;)
> I don't think it's bad that they have different structure; I think it's
> bad that they both have to tediously maintain this tree structure that
> could be done generically.  The same for CD source.
> I just want to get rid of as much as the complicated code as possible
> from the sources.

Well, you cant expect to generate two very different structures with one
piece of code. 

> > You can easily query the flat list of all songs for certain properties,
> > returning a subset. This is exactly what rbnodefilter does, and
> > rbnodeview even supports setting a rbnodefilter so filtering works out
> > of the box. The artist/album-browser uses this filter too, by the way.
> Yes, I know.  It works, but I think that it's overly complicated, and
> doesn't allow for optimizing queries other than artist/album/genre; what
> if we want to index on the rating too?

It supports 'multiple levels/layers', and all properties, perfectly
fine, and I don't think it's complex at all - not sure how I could make
it easier. Just read that code man ;)

> > About SQL .. I can only hope you are not serious.
> I think it makes a lot of sense, personally.  But, making two large
> changes to the codebase at one time probably isn't a good idea.  I'll
> hold off on the database stuff for now and just work on sources.

Yeah, let's have people install some sql first. Yay. And apart from
that, like I said many times before, the performance problems are not in
the library code anymore - it's some treefilter stuff that is bugging

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