[Rhythmbox-devel] node tree structure


Along with refactoring the code to use RBSources, I'd like to add
support for a better filtering architecture than what we currently
have.  Basically, we want to implement the dialog Luca posted here

So what I am thinking is first dumping the tree structure
(Genre->Artist->Album->Song) in RBNode altogether, and reducing it to
RBSong which just holds the information.

Then, the normal Genre/Artist/Alubm browsers become just a simple way to
construct a filter; the more complex filtering dialog will create
"VPlaylists" or something, where you can do things like filter by two
different artists, or by rating, etc.  So the genre, artist, etc. have
no special status as far as filtering goes.

If no one has any reasons why this is a bad idea, I think I'll just have
a shot at implementing it.

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