Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] [patch] alignment tweak for sourcelist

I usually just lurk around rb-dev, but I feel like putting a toe in the
waters this time.

> > Could it be that it looks strange since there is no "Hide Source list" 
> > button?  Do we even need the "Hide Browser" option there since it can be 
> > toggled from the menu?  I'm not even sure it is obvious what a browser 
> > is in this context.
> I personally like the Show/Hide browser button.  For some reason I use
> it more often than I would if it was a menu item.  That doesn't mean I'm
> completely attached to it though.

I could not agree more on this one.  please don't even consider removing
it.  I think the best way to handle this problem is to take it in the
"other direction".  rather than make them equal, distinguish the source
list, or in other words make it stand out so much that aligning them
does not make sense.  to put it simply look how other applications
handle it. Take for example "straw" news aggregation.  (even if it is
written in Python.)  They hide the feed list title (source list).  I
guess screen shots would be best huh...

I would expect that this would be a bit more HIG, but I certainly could
be wrong, it just seems like a good way of giving it the extra bit of

(as for the programing/patch part, you will get the traditional response
from me)

> > Since I'm very new here I'm not sure if this is heretical or what.
> Well, we should consider any UI changes carefully - the current UI was
> the product of a very long discussion :)

Very very true. even my/this way will throw a kink here or there...
after all what would "source list" mean in the view bar.

> So in the interim, if you could revert your patch, I would appreciate
> it.  I think by itself, it is worse than before.  However if we are able
> to solve the problems it raises, then I'll be happy with it.
> And speaking of, if anyone has any ideas for improving the current
> progressbar on the bottom right, I'm interested.  We do need some way of
> giving feedback, but right now it seems to somehow disrupt the visual
> balance a bit.

Its ok, but I wish some time in the future we have the option to disable
it (ugly word for a simple music player I know)...

And considering this will be one of the few times I will write to the
list I would like to add a wish, that some day we can search/narrow the
field down to the star-rating...especially when we get cdrom-burn
support. (burn all 4-5 star songs, or listen to all the un-rated
songs... ext)

Thanks so much for keeping rhythmbox out of /dev/null Colin and all the
others out there.


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