Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] [patch] alignment tweak for sourcelist


Not trying to cause any trouble :) ...

Seth Nickell wrote:
> Can somebody put up a screenshot (preferably cropped to the window and 
> hence smaller)? I'm on a hiptop (cellphone) for the next few days so I 
> can't try this myself but I could view an image on the web.....

Seems like if there are three elements of the same type like this 
(treeviews) they should all be aligned, like in iTunes.

Could it be that it looks strange since there is no "Hide Source list" 
button?  Do we even need the "Hide Browser" option there since it can be 
toggled from the menu?  I'm not even sure it is obvious what a browser 
is in this context.

Since I'm very new here I'm not sure if this is heretical or what.


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