[Rhythmbox-devel] User feedback

Here are a couple of gripes from an otherwise satisfied customer.

1) Genre handling ought to be case-insensitive.  I now have
   both 'Rock' and 'rock' occupying my genre list.

2) I have a single directory to which I add all my .ogg files.
   A recent rhythmbox version, version 0.5.1, sported a wizard
   which asked me the name of such a directory, which is great.
   However, I could find no way to change my mind or add another
   directory.  Perhaps it would be a good idea to allow adding
   paths to such directory roots in a Preferences panel.  If I
   use "Add to Library" does rhythmbox remember this directory?
   Does it forget the one I mentioned in the wizard?

3) As I add files to my directory of .ogg files, it is never
   quite clear to me how to alert rhythmbox of their existence.
   Re-pointing "Add to Library" to this directory seems to have
   the desired effect, but when there are a lot of files this
   action can take a while, without any activity indication. 
   Also I was worried that existing files would show up twice. 
   Perhaps the concept of "Refresh" would make sense.  Also,
   some kind of a "searching..." indicator would provide comfort.
   And since we are on the topic, why not let rhythmbox figure
   out on its own that files have been added?  Could it 
   periodically check dates of directories and let a change
   trigger a search for files.

4) Finally one newbie note.  When I first started using rhythmbox
   the most puzzling thing was to figure out how to add songs.
   It never occurred to me that rhythmbox would recursively search
   through a directory given it via "Add to Library".  I wonder if
   separate menu options "Add single file" and "Search for files 
   in directory" would make the app more intuitive.

This is shaping up to be a killer application.  Thanks


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