Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] [patch] alignment tweak for sourcelist

On Fri, 2003-08-22 at 01:20, William Jon McCann wrote:

> Seems like if there are three elements of the same type like this 
> (treeviews) they should all be aligned, like in iTunes.

Well, iTunes also has their search thingy along the top, instead of on
another line as we do.   So they don't really have any reason *not* to
align them.

> Could it be that it looks strange since there is no "Hide Source list" 
> button?  Do we even need the "Hide Browser" option there since it can be 
> toggled from the menu?  I'm not even sure it is obvious what a browser 
> is in this context.

I personally like the Show/Hide browser button.  For some reason I use
it more often than I would if it was a menu item.  That doesn't mean I'm
completely attached to it though.

> Since I'm very new here I'm not sure if this is heretical or what.

Well, we should consider any UI changes carefully - the current UI was
the product of a very long discussion :)

So in the interim, if you could revert your patch, I would appreciate
it.  I think by itself, it is worse than before.  However if we are able
to solve the problems it raises, then I'll be happy with it.

And speaking of, if anyone has any ideas for improving the current
progressbar on the bottom right, I'm interested.  We do need some way of
giving feedback, but right now it seems to somehow disrupt the visual
balance a bit.

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