Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] CD burning

On Mon, 2003-08-18 at 18:21, paul wrote:
> i may be thinking about this in a very naive way, but why should
> rhythmbox have cd burning support in it, if nautilus has it?  wouldn't
> it be better to have a "Burn Playlist" button in rb somewhere which
> would convert tracks from mp3/ogg into cdaudio and then dump them all
> into burn:// and open a nautilus window at the burn: location?
> or is that the current plan?  i dont know :)

Nautilus AFAIK doesn't provide a good way to reorder tracks(rb doesn't
either but will soon) and you really have to look for the audio burning
option(its just a check box)...  It also makes no sense in my mind to
use a "file" manager to burn a "music" cd.  It makes much more sense to
me to burn a "music" cd from my "music" manager.

> i still wish the nautilus thing was a lib that all apps could use
> easily, with just having to write a minimal about of code (the glade
> interface for example). that way it'd look more integrated into rb, but
> the above method makes use of the gnome system, as a whole.

Sounds like a good idea, but i think it eventually leads to too much
overhead in mem.

> btw, i'm no engineer(as you can probably tell)...though i do start my
> software engineering degree in a few weeks! whoo!!

Computer Science here :) I encourage you to get involved with some
opensource projects. We would love to have you here also.  Even if you
just doing bug hunting and an occasional fix, its welcome help.

> cheers,
> paul.
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