Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] CD burning

i may be thinking about this in a very naive way, but why should
rhythmbox have cd burning support in it, if nautilus has it?  wouldn't
it be better to have a "Burn Playlist" button in rb somewhere which
would convert tracks from mp3/ogg into cdaudio and then dump them all
into burn:// and open a nautilus window at the burn: location?
or is that the current plan?  i dont know :)

i still wish the nautilus thing was a lib that all apps could use
easily, with just having to write a minimal about of code (the glade
interface for example). that way it'd look more integrated into rb, but
the above method makes use of the gnome system, as a whole.

btw, i'm no engineer(as you can probably tell)...though i do start my
software engineering degree in a few weeks! whoo!!


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