Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Re: Monkey-media and library backend

On Fri, 2003-04-11 at 17:56, Jorn Baayen wrote:
> Hello
> Browsing some of the gnomesuport RB forums it's very cool to see so many
> people interested. However, 'just' taking over the project without any
> gtk/glib experience is not going to work. The rhythmbox code in itself
> is not the easiest thing in the world, and then gobject also requires
> getting used to - if you just dive in fat chance you would a) not get
> the big picture b) not understand much at all c) mess everything up.

Yeah, this was a concern of mine at the beginning and I really hope that
the guys have resolve to stick with it. It will take a while for these
guys to get into it and it will take a while for the project to get
going again. HEAD needs a fair bit of cleaning up, maybe even a bit of
commenting ;) Would be really useful to have a comment at the start of
each file to briefly describe where it fits in in the "big picture".

> I am willing to function as project 'leader' for the coming couple of
> months, as in reviewing patches, helping out setting up a new
> architecture, giving advice, etc. I don't think I would code myself
> though, or organise things - just canal stuff. And then once I see some
> of the new developers found their way I will just pass on the job.

That sounds really cool - Go Team!

> I read sisob's UI page, I quite like what's up there, apart from:
> 1 - these checkboxes just need to go
> 2 - not being able to queue (related to 1 ofc ourse), but this is
> something very major for me. While the RB head UI is a mess, I kinda
> liked it because I could play directly from the lib and queue easily,
> both at the same time. A 'current playlist' view might work, however we
> should also have a 'queue' (context)menu item then.

Yeah, needs work. Has always been a point of contention and I need to
think about it some more...

> 3 - we need an easy search ui (first search result should be selected
> also, and pressing return should start playing it - a la xmms)

Yeah. I put up some mockups on of
different search box placements, but it probably needs some more

> 4 - the source selector needs some way to indicate which source is
> playing 

What about the way it is done in the screenshots on

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