[Rhythmbox-devel] Monkey-media and library backend

Hi rhythmbox developers,

In case you didn't know, a numbr of people have become interested in 
getting involved in rhythmbox, and trying to get development going again 
- see the forum threads below:


While historically there has been a lot of disagreemenet in UI, etc I'm 
more interested in the core features, such as net radio, system 
notification stuff, tag editing, etc. Discussion has been made about how 
to approach 'unfiying' the split, and in particular the relative states 
of the net-rb, rb and monkey-media HEAD branches. We were wondering if 
anyone could give some idea of the relative states of these three 
branches, in terms of:-

1. Library backend - People have said that rb CVS has quite a mature 
backend, how true is this? what features does rb have over net-rb?

2. Monkey-media - The HEAD cvs has support for a xine backend, what 
other changes does it have compared to the snapsot in net-rb? What 
changes has the snapshot in net-rb had done to it?

I want to steer clear of the UI issue for now, but as a general point if 
people wanted to change the rb HEAD to an interface similar to net-rb 
(discounting the additional features that net-rb currently has), how 
difficult to you think that would be?

While I can see from the Changelogs what files and routhly what has 
changed, In these points I'm interested in the general changes made, as 
well as changes from a technical point of view (class restructuring, etc)

Many Thanks

Dave Rigby

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