Leaving the release-team

Recently it was discussed about how to get fresh blood on the team [1],
something that was discussed on the past too [2]. So making the most of
the moment, I think that it is a good moment to announce my departure.

It is true that I'm not the more experienced member of the team, but as
I joined on 2011, I have been a member for more that 4 years, so it is
also a good amount of time.

Although in general my experience with the team is positive, the truth
is that my involvement with the team has been fading during the last
months. Globally, the time I can commit to the community work has been
reducing lately, and the outcome is that I prioritized that time on the
accessibility team. And this lack of time would be worse as soon as my
parental leave starts. For example, this year I will not be present at
GUADEC, being the first I miss since Cambridge, where we usually held
the most important meeting of the year. So in conclusion, I think that
it would be somewhat strange to be on the team just in name, without any
real involvement.

On the bright side, one of the main reasons I joined the team was serve
as a bridge between the release team and the accessibility team, and I'm
really positive that that will not change in spite of me leaving the team.

Finally I would like to thank the team for asking me to join, to the
support they provided during this time, and wishing good luck finding
new fresh blood for the team

Best regards

[1] https://mail.gnome.org/archives/release-team/2014-June/msg00006.html
[2] https://mail.gnome.org/archives/release-team/2015-February/msg00008.html

Alejandro Piñeiro (apinheiro igalia com)

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