late coming features

Hi releaseteammates,

I wanted to mention that we have a number of features coming in at the
last minute:

First, Kalev and Richard are merging Kalev's work on moving codec (and
font, mime-handler, etc) installation support from gnome-packagekit to
gnome-software. This will let us drop gnome-packagekit for good. This
affects gnome-software, PackageKit, gstreamer and totem. Merging is
underway for this.

Next, there is the rewrite of the gnome-shell theme into sass by Jakub
and Carlos Soriano.

Lastly, there is the notification redesign that Florian has
implemented. This is a major, user-visible change, and _needs_ to go
into .90.

I'm fairly confident that we'll ge the codec install merging done
today, but gnome-shell may need an extra day or so to sort out the
branches. Given that we've already punted on the notification redesign
once, I think we should try to get this in for 3.16.

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