r-t "meeting" at FOSDEM 2015

Olav, Fred and I spend an hour at FOSDEM talking about $stuff. As we
were only three I would not yet call this an "informal r-t meeting".

Random topics/comments made by individuals (correct me/add stuff!):

* Security mailing list; getting more distro folks in
** ask Debian/Fedora/Suse etc to subscribe?
** related: set up security group in Bugzilla for access?
* Fundraiser: worked for Builder, for PiTiVi not that well?
** Privacy/security fundraiser: have not found someone yet to use that
** Tor integration? If we asked in public, would we find someone?
** Should we go for / experiment more with fundraiser stuff? Promotion
on G+ etc.
* Technical steering group vs release team? 
* Should there be a rule (limitation of terms, like Debian) to leave
after X years to force community members to step up?
* r-t has a good group diversity, distributions, BUT we don't do much
apart from releases (which is boring work)
* expand scope of r-t? I don't do too much because there is not much to
* how to make it easier to find tasks r-t is interested in, also for
outsiders / contributors?
** Bugzilla for r-t's task mgmt? can set assignee, priority, can ping
assignee after a month of no progress, other people can see what r-t
thinks they should work on, or even take tasks. Currently email as
action / task lists of r-t meetings not very discoverable for outsiders
plus easier to ignore for assignees?
** related: better dev workflows focused on/around bugzilla
(describeuser.cgi, browse.cgi for products, might break stuff like
product names for better integration etc)?
** widely related buzzwords: metrics, people, projects, retention,
visibility, workflows, getting a view on modules and people activity
* should have a consolidated procedure for the schedule on the wiki (we
might have two pages there already)
* idea to use git tags instead of tarballs has been around but nobody
driving that discussion

Andre Klapper  |  ak-47 gmx net

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