Re: moduleset review

 Javier Jardón <jjardon gnome org> wrote:

Thanks for working on this!

Only wanted to point that gnome-suites-core-deps contain the dependencies for
core, not only non-GNOME dependencies (GTK+ and GLib are there for example).
Maybe we can be more strict and move things over, and leave -core-deps
for external deps only (that we need to build, for dependencies we
expect are available in the system we use -sysdeps)

That might be best - good to have a clear criteria for which modules
go into that moduleset.


I wonder if it would be clearer to change "Core Utilities" to "Core
Apps", or even to split them out into a new moduleset

I'd be ok with both changes
I think is clearer ro have a matching between meta modules and the
file, as we have with meta-gnome-apps-tested and gnome-apps now.
So we can have:

gnome-core to build meta-gnome-core
gnome-core-apps to build a new renamed meta-gnome-core-apps
gnome-apps to build meta-gnome-apps-tested

Then gnome-core-deps and gnome-sysdeps for external deps

Sounds good.

Also, while we're on the subject, the word "suites"
in "gnome-suites-core" and "gnome-suites-core-deps" always confused
the hell out of me. It makes it sound like each moduleset contains
different suites that you can install...

same here, I guess we can rename to gnome-core and gnome-core-deps if
the rest agree




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