Re: moduleset review

Allan Day <allanpday gmail com> wrote:
2)  Drop gnome-system-log from core-apps, replace with gnome-logs
3) Move gnome-dictionary, gucharmap, totem, eog, empathy, evince to apps
4) Move file-roller, gnome-clocks, gnome-documents, gnome-photos,
gnome-weather to core-apps

Before move stuff, Id like to define the difference between core-apps
and apps, so we have a criteria to do the change,
if not we are going to be in the same situation we are now, were
everything is a bit "fuzzy"
Also, can a app be a core-app at some point? If yes, What would be the
process to do that? Ot they are 2 completely different things?

Makes sense to me. Also, it would be good to communicate these changes
to the rest of the project before making widescale changes.

I'd be happy to draft some documentation for the modulesets.

I've started writing some documentation on the various modulesets. It
can be found here:

I'll try and elaborate it in the next day or two. Once we're happy
with it, it would be good to move it under ReleasePlanning (it might
be a good idea to merge it with ReleasePlanning/WhatWeRelease).

I wonder if it would be clearer to change "Core Utilities" to "Core
Apps", or even to split them out into a new moduleset
(gnome-core-apps). Also, while we're on the subject, the word "suites"
in "gnome-suites-core" and "gnome-suites-core-deps" always confused
the hell out of me. It makes it sound like each moduleset contains
different suites that you can install...


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