Re: GNOME Shell Modal Dialog Tweakage

On Sat, Mar 10, 2012 at 2:35 PM, Shaun McCance <shaunm gnome org> wrote:
>> I'd also add that one sentence is not an adequate amount of guidance
>> for this process.
> The sentence looks clear to me. It doesn't say "maybe" or "only major"
> or "at your discretion". It says "No UI changes".
> "No UI changes may be made without approval from the release-team and
> notification to gnome-doc-list@"
> Compare to:
> "no string changes may be made without confirmation from the l10n team
> (gnome-i18n@) and notification to both the release team and the GDP
> (gnome-doc-list@)"
> We don't add commas to string without approval, just because it's only
> a small string change. So where's the confusion? What's the difference
> between these two rules?
> Now, if we want to define and write down an exact list of things we do
> not require approval for (but still require notification), I'm OK with
> that.

I don't recall suggesting that you construct "an exact list of things
we do not require approval for". All I'm saying is that a single
sentence isn't a lot to go on. A few more details would be helpful.

It's clear that many people don't understand the rules the way you do.

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