Re: Pango tarball for 3.0

Le mercredi 30 mars 2011, à 09:12 -0400, Behdad Esfahbod a écrit :
> Yes.  I'll roll today.  I've started doing that, like, three times, and what
> kept me from doing it is the introspection build changes on master.  I don't
> know if I should pull them in or not.

I would think it's okay to pull those changes too -- I asked here, and
the Debian people don't have an issue with this, and I don't think other
distros would have a problem either.

> Also, one of the security fixes requires a glib version bump, which we
> have avoided in stable series previously, but I don't see much
> reason not to do it for a security fix.

Possibly fine too, or else copy the new glib API that is required with a
pango prefix...

In the end, you probably know better what is best :-)



Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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