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  • 55Euros vous attend sur votre compte pour parier en direct., Sarah
  • seahorse 2.29.4?, Vincent Untz
  • totem 2.29.2 depending on gstreamer pre-release, Vincent Untz
  • Control Center release for 2.29.4?, Vincent Untz
  • 2.29.4 modulesets, Vincent Untz
  • gnome-terminal release, Behdad Esfahbod
  • GNOME 2.29.4 unstable release -- vuntz, Release Team
  • [libgweather] Created branch gnome-2-28, Frank Solensky
  • 2.28.2, Lucas Rocha
  • GNOME 2.29.4 unstable tarballs due -- vuntz, Release Team
  • [gnome-keyring] Created branch gnome-2-28, Stefan Walter
  • =?ISO-8859-1?B?QWNjcm9jaGVzIHNhY3MgOiBjYWRlYXV4IOAgcGV0aXQgcHJpeC4=?=, Sarah
  • Wrong, starmark7
  • GNOME 2.28.2 stable tarballs due -- lucasr, Release Team
  • =?iso-8859-9?B?RmlybWFu/Xr9IC8gU2l0ZW5pemkgZWtsZXlpbiAh?=, WebdeBul.com
  • =?iso-8859-9?B?VPxyayDd/iBE/G55YXP9bv1uIEthbGJpJ25kZSBZZXJpbml6aSBhbP1uICE=?=, WorldBusinessTurk.com
  • =?utf-8?B?0KXQvtGC0LjRgtC1INC30L3QsNGC0Ywg0YfQtdC8INC30LDQvdC40LzQsNGO0YLRgdGPINCy0LDRiNC4INC30L3QsNC60L7QvNGL0LU/?=, =?utf-8?B?0JzQuNGA?=
  • Re: Draft of 3.0 schedule, Andre Klapper
  • Outage Sat/Sun Dec 12-13, Owen Taylor
  • new a11y stack, Frederic Peters
  • GNOME 2.29.3 released, Matthias Clasen
  • Unavailable for 2.29.4, Frederic Peters
  • [dasher] Created branch gnome-2-28, Patrick Welche
  • Re: Roll Brasero tarballs for 2.29.3, Vincent Untz

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