Re: Outage Sat/Sun Dec 12-13


Thanks for the update.


On Thu, Dec 3, 2009 at 4:37 PM, Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> wrote:
Red Hat is in the process of relocating all community systems (Fedora,
GNOME, etc.) between colocation facilities. (both in Phoenix, Arizona.)

The GNOME systems are scheduled to be moved on starting on
Sat. December 12. The maintenance window is 48 hours, though there's
some hope of getting things back online earlier.

This affects basically all GNOME servers other than So,
this will require adjustment of any release schedules that are going to
require access to GNOME systems that weekend.

I apologize for the latish notice on this; I knew the migration was
going to happen, but didn't notice the final dates being decided until I
was reminded about it today.

At this point, we're not planning any sort of phased move or attempt to
temporarily migrate services elsewhere; we don't have the spare
hardware, and we don't have the bandwidth on the GNOME sysadmin team. I
think the best approach is to keep things simple and maximize the chance
that we'll be able to get things up running again without additional

I'll send a notice to gnome-announce-list about this around the middle
of next week. I'll also try to figure out a detailed plan for what we
need to do on the GNOME sysadmin side; I think it's mostly just a
question of verifying backups before the move and testing once things
come back online.

- Owen

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