Re: Minutes of the Release-Team meeting, 2007/Jan/16

On 1/19/07, Vincent Untz <vuntz gnome org> wrote:
Right (although I'm not sure I agree with the fact that your last point
increases the negative feedback). What about this:

Well, I'll explain my reasoning, though it's probably not important
(especially since there were clearly more people with negative
feedback than positive even counting as many people on the positive
side as possible):  There were a number of people who said things like
"I'm in favor of it being added as an applet, but only if it doesn't
replace the current menu."  I counted those as positive feedback, but
if we had g-m-m replace the current menu, their feedback really should
have counted as negative.  There are similar cases where people
expressed that they'd like to use g-m-m but really wanted to avoid a
repeat of the Gnome 1.x clock situation.  I again counted their
opinion as positive, but technically there's no way to satisfy both
groups and get a change considered positive by both.

- some negative and positive feedback, with strong opinions in both
- no consensus on how this module should be included (should it replace
  the current menu? Should it only be an option?), while this question
  plays a central role when considering inclusion of this module.
- <paste here the rest of the explanations>

This might still give a 50-50 impression, but I must admit I hate
sounding harsh :-)

Well, you were the one that said we should give explanations, and if
the answer is negative and we don't explain that, then we're not
really giving explanations, in my opinion.  ;-)  How about changing
the first point to:
- lots of feedback, including strongly positive and strongly negative, with
  the majority currently being negative
That gives room that things might change but I think portrays the
situation better.

But, anyway, I've said my two bits.  I'd like for it to be included in
the message, but I won't try to hold things up anymore.  :-)

Thanks for working on this everyone.


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