Minutes of the Release-Team meeting, 2007/Jan/16


*shrug* no idea if this is too short, too epic, too <anything>. i'd copy
the "proposed modules" section and would re-use it for the module
announcements email, if nobody complains quickly && loudly.



Minutes of the Release-Team meeting, 2007/Jan/16

0) Attendance

Andre Klapper
Elijah Newren
Federico Mena-Quintero
John Palmieri
Kjartan Maraas
Vincent Untz

No attendance:
Frederic Crozat (regrets)
Jeff Waugh (regrets)

1) Proposed Modules

GnomeScan: NO.
Ignored as retracted by maintainer, see

nm-applet: YES.
Included. J5 said that Dan will split nm-applet out of NetworkManager
and will create a seperate SVN directory for nm-applet before 2.18.0
(the sooner, the better).
We will not add an external dependency on NetworkManager, but have a
release note that nm-applet is useless without NetworkManager.

seahorse: YES.
Included. Seahorse has apparently already gotten usability feedback,
incorporated it, and gotten endorsement from usability folks. Also, the
maintainers did an amazing work replying to questions, concerns, feature
requests, etc.

tracker: NO.
Ignored as retracted by maintainer, see

gnome-main-menu: NO.
Andre mentioned that 25 new bug reports in the last week indicate
John mentioned that there has been only one release.
Vincent mentioned that several folks in the community (other
maintainers, usability, accessibility folks) had not been contacted
before, that there has not been any announcement on the
gnome-announce-list, and that no release is available on

devtools suite: YES.
Included. Only positive feedback. We will introduce it for GNOME 2.18,
so it will hopefully build momentum for other projects.

anjuta: NO.
1.2.x isn't maintained, 2.1.x is a big rewrite and in beta state, so it
is not ready yet.

devhelp: YES.
Included. Only positive feedback.

monodevelop: NO.
Ignored as withdrawn by Miguel, see

glade3: YES.
Included. Release-Team members were mixed on it, but did not see a
strong argument against it going in. Vincent mentioned that probably
everybody agrees that we want an interface builder in, and that glade2
is not an option here.

2) Assignments

Planning several releases in advance:
  2.17.90   J5
  2.16.3    Elijah
  2.17.91   Kjartan
  2.17.92   Vincent (/Andre?)
  2.18.0    Elijah (/Andre?)

Federico mentioned that he is stepping down from the release team. He
will try to find a replacement.

Andre will email the module announcements.

3) Release Issues

Vincent will contact the marketing team for the release notes.

Kjartan asked Federico on the maintenance state of Evolution with regard
to unresponded bugzilla reports. We finished by realizing that we
probably cannot get anything out of discussing Evolution.

Andre plans to do another bugs showstopper review this week.

Andre will poke on the usability list in order to find somebody to
identify important *UI* issues for 2.20.

We agreed that we should stick some comment on the schedule about only
proposing modules if one is the maintainer of that particular module.

4) Having Modules using gtkmm in Desktop

We agreed that a discussion within the community should be started a few
days after we have announced the new modules.

5) Miscs

Vincent proposes to have at least one meeting at the beginning of a



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