Re: Minutes of the Release-Team meeting, 2007/Jan/16

Cool, thanks for the work writing up all these minutes, Andre.  As far
as the new modules announcement is concerned:

On 1/16/07, Andre Klapper <ak-47 gmx net> wrote:

1) Proposed Modules

For the official announcement, maybe we could just send something of the form

 <list of module names>

 <list of module names>

 <list of module names>

I think your summary overall is good, but might lead to
misinterpretation by others by virtue of just being a summary.  For
example, I think there were a lot more issues with gnome-main-menu.
If people want to know the reasons for particular modules, maybe we
should send a follow up email?  I'm not sure on this point, especially
since it would be nice to e.g. mention seahorse as an upstanding
citizen and example and maybe even to point out our frustration with
gnome-main-menu not working with the community.  Maybe others should
chime in with their opinion and suggestions or ideas.

I'll make some additional comments anyway, assuming we use longer
explanations in the initial announcement:

GnomeScan: NO.
Ignored as retracted by maintainer, see

Maybe just "retracted by maintainer".  No need to copy my bad IRCisms
and poor grammar in an official announcement.  :)


tracker: NO.
Ignored as retracted by maintainer, see

Same here, just remove the "Ignored as".


gnome-main-menu: NO.
Andre mentioned that 25 new bug reports in the last week indicate

Stating things that way would suggest nautilus and evo are unfit for GNOME, no?

John mentioned that there has been only one release.

Wasn't he talking about gnome-launch-box?


monodevelop: NO.
Ignored as withdrawn by Miguel, see

Maybe make that "Withdrawn by Miguel" (and if you're going to use
longer explanations, maybe mention something about how only
maintainers should be proposing modules and we'll be doing better at
enforcing and reminding people of that in the future?  There were two
such cases of this in this release cycle, in addition to a couple
cases in the past.)


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