Re: John Palmieri joining the release-team

Le lundi 07 novembre 2005 �4:30 -0500, Luis Villa a �it :
> On 11/7/05, Murray Cumming <murrayc murrayc com> wrote:
> > > Where does the Java stuff stand? It would be nice to have a
> > > politically able shepherd to help get them on board.
> >
> > They've been in since the start.
> I thought they missed the last release train?

We released 2.12 with the 2.10 releases of the java bindings. But the
2.12 java bindings are in GNOME 2.13.1. So I think everything is

I talked a bit with some of the java bindings hackers. It seems the
previous maintainer left the project for real-life reasons, but people
are active. Also, they wanted to add a glib binding for 2.14. I told
them to propose it for inclusion, but I don't think they did yet.


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