Re: John Palmieri joining the release-team

>> Also, with Murray leaving that kind of leaves us with a void in
>> regards to the bindings release set.  Is this something that John or
>> others on the team (Vincent?) might be able to handle?  Murray, any
>> comments or words of wisdom on the topic?  (Maybe even something we
>> somehow try to figure out how to delegate to the community?)
> I could take over this stuff.  I've tried to push the community to
> developing using the bindings more and more so it is something near and
> dear to my heart.  Murray, if you have any words of wisdom that would be
> great.

Not really. I've mostly exhausted my efforts to get new bindings projects
on board for now, but it looks like the Ruby bindings might be mature
enough soon. And I guess that Gtk# will eventually settle down enough that
they can easily track the latest GNOME Platform.

It's a good idea to be on the language-bindings list to keep people
informed. These projects tend to be a little less deeply involved in the
whole release process, so they need a few extra reminders now and then.
But they've done an incredible job so far of adapting to our constraints.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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