Re: [Planner Dev] Roadmap for 1.0

sön 2003-12-14 klockan 01.02 skrev Malcolm Tredinnick:
> On Sun, 2003-12-14 at 06:43, Richard Hult wrote:
> > fre 2003-12-12 klockan 17.08 skrev Kurt Maute:
> > 
> > > Another usability enhancement would be to implement tabbing from one
> > > field to the next in a task.  When I click 'insert', I need to also
> > > click in the task name field (and each other field I want to change). 
> > > The 'insert' button should leave the user in the name field of the new
> > > task - ready to start typing, and then move on to the next column by
> > > pressing the tab key.  IMHO, this would be more convenient.
> > 
> > If people think that we should start editing when inserting a task, I
> > could do that. It's as simple as doing a s/FALSE/TRUE/ :) It's probably
> > a good idea. Do we have consensus?
> I think this behaviour sounds reasonable. The extra click that is
> required is a bit annoying, particularly if one is using keyboard
> shortcuts most of the time to do stuff.

I'll go ahead and fix this then. (In the meantime you can start editing
by pressing space :).


Richard Hult                    richard imendio com

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