Re: [Planner Dev] Roadmap for 1.0

On Thu, 2003-12-11 at 10:31, Richard Hult wrote:
> Bascially, I think that we need to get the basic functionality done,
> release 1.0, and then take it from there. That means that more advanced
> topics like a project server will be out of scope here.
> So, here comes a list, smaller and larger items somewhat mixed:
>       * Undo/redo: this is a must-have. I've started working on it
>       * Implement the remaining types of task constraints:
>         start-to-finish, start-to-start, finish-to-finish

I have a long plane flight coming up next week (Sunday), so if nobody
else sings out, I will try to have a look at this one then. Every time I
make a project plan with Planner I want to use something other than
finish-to-start somewhere.

>       * Zoom and date range options for printing
>       * Remember print settings
>       * Use libgda for the database support
>       * Up to date, complete userguide
>       * Usability improvements to the gantt chart (move tasks with the
>         mouse, context-menu for gantt bars, etc

Along similar lines: I seem to regularly need to edit something via the
tasks menu and it would be nice that when I flip back to the Gantt view
if the highlighted item was the one I have highlighted in the Tasks
view. To me this seems logical -- highlighting the same data element in
both views. Do other people have strong feelings?

I am almost volunteering to look at this (again because it fixes a
problem I care about), but I don't want to spend time if it has some
clear drawback and is unlikely to be accepted.

>       * Project template files (nice and useful project examples)
>       * OpenOffice spreadsheet export. There is an XSL stylesheet for
>         this, just needs to be hooked up
>       * Other export/import filters? Gnumeric comes to mind, and simple
>         CSV text export

Are there any standards in this area that people know about? What I am
asking is whether the existing spreadsheet export stylesheet just uses a
style that looks reasonable, or are we emulating something that exists
in Microsoft Project or another tool?

>       * Finish the "Time table view" (we need a better name), displays a
>         resource centric gantt like chart, Xavier has started looking at
>         this

"Resource utilisation" sounds nearly as bad, but that is what I kept
thinking of it as when this was originally being worked on. "Resource
usage", maybe? "Resource scheduling"?


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