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For me it works like this:

* With firefox open I can go to the Tools menu and Activate Addons and themes.

* Then I'm looking for a tab control using tab or shift+tab to make sure I am in the extentions section. To change to a different tab I can use up or down arrow key.

* When in the Extensions tab I switch to browse mode using orca+a, find ublock origin by using number 3, then finding More options button with the B key.

* After activating more options a popup menu appears and orca switches into focus mode by it-self. I can arrow down to find an item named Options.

* After activating this one a webpage with ublock origin setup appears. It's semi accessible in a sense that I have to read all in browse mode reading line by line to understand the surrounding of the settings or I can press tab quickly if I know what I am looking for.



Dňa 10. 9. 2021 o 8:38 Elias Oltmanns napísal(a):
Hi all,

thanks for your suggestions. Particularly, the Orca+a binding is good to
know about. Indeed, I have succeeded entering a search term this way.
Strangely, this does not seem to work quite always as expected. At some
point I had the impression that Orca switched back into navigation mode
while I was typing. Generally, the response of Firefox and / or Orca to
my key strokes seems to be lagging considerably more and more often on
my AMD system than on the Intel system.

May be I should check whether all settings regarding popup blockers like
UBlock Origin are the same. However, I seem to have difficulties
checking the settings of UBlock Origin. When I select „add-ons and
themes“ from the extras menu, I can find UBlock Origin and choose
settings. But then I am stuck, somehow, with Orca saying
„1about-scheme“. Do you know what to do in such a situation?

Thanks again for your advice so far,


On 2021-09-09 at 15:49:08 (+0200), Jeffery Mewtamer via orca-list <orca-list gnome org> wrote:
As Milton suggested, using Orca+a to toggle focus mode is more
reliable than  trying to navigate to something adjacent to the textbox
and then tabbing to the textbox to give it focus.

The Orca key is usually set to insert on desktops and caps lock on
laptops, but can be configured independantly of the desktop/laptop
keyboard mode toggle.
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